Michael Stutzer Artillery

Danish thrash metal legends ARTILLERY, will be hitting the  Romanian Thrash Metal Fest, this October, in an event brought by the ROMANIAN THRASH METAL CLUB.

Fresh out of the studio, where they have just finished recording their latest studio album, donning a new line-up, and preparing for a series of lie shows this fall, we managed to run an exclusive interview with MICHAEL STUTZER, guitarist for ARTILLERY.

01. Hello Michael, it is a pleasure to be able to talk to you. Thank you for taking the time to do this short interview with!

The pleasure is on my side!

02. You were to enter the studio this February (2013) to start recording a new album. What are you currently up to?

In fact we have just finished the new album in the start of August in Medley Studio with producer Soren Andersen, who also did “When Death Comes” and “My Blood”!

03. Any release date so far?

Metal Blade will release it on the 22nd November in Europe!

04. Could you – exclusively – share the title and some of the tracks?

The title will be “Legions” and some of the titles are “Chill My Bones”, “God Feather”, “Legions”, “Wardrum Heartbeat”, “Global Flatline” and “Anno Requiem”!

05. Any other technical details and credits that you would like to mention?

There will be a digipack version with have 2 Bonus tracks (rerecorded songs from “Fear Of Tomorrow”) beside the 10 songs on the jewel case version! I personally think its the best production we ever had on a Artillery album. Its very raw and heavy.

06. It is a first new album to feature your newest members, drummer Josua Madsen and singer Michael Bastholm Dahl. How did recording go with the new line-up?

Our new drummer Josua and new vocalist Michael really deliver the goods on this album, Josua is an amazing drummer and real nice guy and Michael is the singer in Artillery who is the clossest ever to Flemming Ronsdorf beside putting a lot of new elements in the band because of his vocal range! He is also writting some great lyrics. So this bands is a very complete unit!

Artillery band 2

07. All in all how was this “new blood” accepted by the remaining founding members? 

The founding member Morten and Peter (since 1988) has really been taking the 2 new guys into their heart!

08. You guys and Carsten wrote history for 30 years. How was moving on this time? You guys still keep in touch with past members in general?

Both Carsten and Soren wanted to leave as they really didn’t want to play our kind of melodic thrash metal anymoore. Carsten wanted to play old punk and he plays together with Martin, our roadie, in his basement which also is our rehearse room. Soren wanted to do some hardrock stuff I guees. We knew already a year before they left the band so we had good time to find the replacements. And there is no hard feelings there we are still friends!

09. I asked because you guys have been marked by constant line-up changes yet not only did you keep on going but you did maintain you individuality.

Yeah, especially in the start but the late line-up with Carsten and Soren we keept from 2007 to 2012 so, of course, it’s always tough to lose members, but if they aren’t  dedicated to the band anymore it’s the best thing to do. And wait till you see the new guys in action you can see how dedicated they are!

10. As far as the vocal line goes… were there mandatory abilities you guys were looking for? Should we expect the same melody, sung vocals, or is there a enw approach?

You will never hear Artillery with a growler or a pop singer, but sung vocals with melody and rawness at the same time! Actually we headhunted Michael from a cover band who played Mercyful Fate / King Diamond covers so we knew he could sing the old Artillery songs very good!

11. There is a certain cadence to ARTILLERYnew line-ups, breaks, then ‘rebirth’.

Despite all our ups and downs Artillery is here because we love to play this style and can’t do without it, and with all those great fans we have everywhere its so easy to continue playing our music!

12. Is the plan for a new DVD still up?

Yes, we still want to make a DVD with this new line up, hopefully we can record it in December!

13. Call me a fan but there is so much determination, consistence and drive in you guys, to keep up with your day jobs and thrash at night.

It’s easy if you love to play. The passion etc will always be there, we still have a lot of fun when we are out on the road!

Artillery band 1

14. You started thrashing pretty much around the time thrash was only being honed down as a genre. Why thrash before and why nowadays?

When we heard the song “Fast As A Shark” from Accept in the early eighties we knew we had to get more speed and action in our music and as I told before we still love to play this style!

15. Do you think thrash metal can be attributed to a certain country? Like say, what black metal is to Norway?

I think Germany and USA must be the thrash countries, but on the other hand there are thrash metal bands all around the world these day!

16. And yet, looking at percentages, few new bands go towards thrash metal, they all choose other musical directions.

Yeah, maybe it’s because its easier to pick off some of those trendy bands there are around, but there are still good new thrash bands coming up like Evile, Bonded By Blood, National Suice and from Denmark, Impalers! So I’m not afraid, thrash will survive!

17. Denmark has a well established name when it comes to metal; how would you describe the Danish metal scene?

For me the Danish Metal scene’s best band has always been Mercyful Fate, but the scene has also thrash metal like Impalers, Battery and Essence and a lot of death metal and hard rock bands. In fact there have never been so many bands around in Denmark before!

18. How do you keep evolving sound-wise while maintaining your specific ‘voice’?

We try to record as honest as possible without clipping, to get it so dynamic as possible. I know a lot of bands use clipping too much.

19. For me “My Blood” was a bit more in the vein of “By Inheritance”. What should be expected of “Legions”?

I think we have continued the development from “My Blood” and putting some fresh new things in there too! I’m sure people who like “By Inheritance” will go for this album as well!

20. Tons of enthusiasm on our side since you’ll be hitting Romanian Thrash Metal Fest, organized by the Romanian Thrash Metal Club. How’s camp ARTILLERY? Any expectations?

We have a lot of expectations from the Romanian thrashers, I’m sure they want to prove that they are amongst the best fans in the world! We can’t wait to meet you guys! Also looking forward to see Romania and the sweet Cristina Balbaie has promised to show us the great places!

21. 2013 seems to be pretty busy with shows lined up already and many Fests. Is ‘the’ ARTILLERY up and going?

We have never been so busy before and with the new deal with Metal Blade, the album to be released November 22nd, the future really looks bright!

22. Last question, random question: If you guys could change places for 48 hours with someone, who would you change it with and what would you do?

As a band I would be changing places with either Black Sabbath’s or Metallica’s support bands! As a person it could be fun to change places with Barack obama so I could make the world better for at least 48 hours!

23. Michael this is for now, thank you for your time. I am looking forward to chatting live and seing you play live here in Bucharest.

Thanks a lot, looking forward to that and to meet the crazy Romanian headbangers!